Flexible residential development finance with expert support

BLG residential development finance provides bespoke funding solutions for residential developers across England, Wales, and Scotland. Suitable for building or converting one home or hundreds, we will help you choose the right solution to help you build while maximising your profit.

BLG provides residential development loans to housebuilders and developers on competitive terms. We promise to quickly provide a lending decision so that developers can move quickly to purchase and secure their site or, if the site is already owned, to begin the building works.

Residential property development loans are available on a first charge, second charge or joint venture basis:



Choose funding for your next project:

Stretch Senior Development Finance

Loans up to 85% of costs (90% including rolled-up interest), from £1,000,000 to £15,000,000. Our most popular finance solution for residential developments.

Super Stretch Development Finance

Typically a blend of 80% senior funding integrated with 10% second charge (third-party) mezzanine, allowing a higher leverage development finance for your schemes.

Build To Let Development Finance

Funding for letting/private sector rental for professional landlords. Available for schemes with 3+ units. Lending up to 65% open market value or 75% restricted investment value.

Mezzanine Development Finance

BLG does not provide standalone mezzanine finance, we work with a focused panel of mezz providers who may offer additional top-up facilities for your property developments.

Lending Criteria

Every BLG loan is structured to meet the requirements of your specific property developments but this general criteria typically applies.

Residential development finance lenders

BLG, established in 2003, has the necessary experience to help residential developers overcome the boundaries that can be stipulated by the high street banks. We will give you access to the money you need to fund your land purchases and building of houses, flats, eco-homes, and mixed‐use buildings. Our residential financing options also give you access to top‐up funds or loans for build to let landlords.

Typical residential property funding terms

Most developers borrow between £1 million to £15 million or more. The release of funds can be staggered over the project’s timeline, which is a financing option many developers prefer to take advantage of.

A staggered release of the loan keeps interest payments lower than accessing all of the funds at the outset. The interest rates vary from lender to lender and are usually based on risk and the project’s size. Each lender views risk and project size differently, and we will help you find the option that makes the most sense for you.

The loan term usually has a duration of 12 to 24 months. It can take several weeks to complete the application process through to fund availability, so it best to apply as early as possible. If you have a tight deadline, please let us know.

We offer funding to individuals, limited companies, partnerships, LLPs, offshore companies, and overseas borrowers with a UK limited company.


Repaying your residential development loans

At the end of the loan term, you will need to wrap up your development loan. This usually happens under one of three scenarios. You may sell the homes or flats and use the sale to pay back the loan, leaving you with your profit.

The second option is to refinance the units with a buy to let mortgage if this is your intention, and you are building a property portfolio. The third option is development exit finance, which is a short-term loan with a lower interest rate. This option is ideal for projects where a buyer is not in place, and you will need time to market and sell the properties, beyond the timescale of your original development loan.

Residential development finance from BLG

Whether you are looking for stretch senior development finance, super‐stretch development finance, commercial development finance, mezzanine development finance, or build to let development finance, BLG is ready to help.

BLG has a patient team of experts ready to help. We offer support from pre‐sale to purchase and completion. Our goal is to help you build, so contact our team today to find the right residential development loans to suit your scheme’s needs.

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