BLG’s residential development finance

  • Provides bespoke residential property funding solutions for residential developers across the UK
  • Suitable for building or converting one home or hundreds, we will help you choose the right solution to help you build while maximising your profit.
  • Available to housebuilders and developers on competitive terms
  • Decisions made quickly so that developers can move quickly to purchase and secure their site or, if the site is already owned, to begin the building works.

Residential property development finance lenders

BLG, established in 2003, has the necessary experience to help residential developers overcome the boundaries that can be stipulated by the high street banks. We will give you access to the money you need to fund your land purchases and the building of houses, flats, eco-homes, or mixed‐use buildings. Our residential property finance also gives you access to top‐up funds or previous residential property development loans for build to let landlords.

Choose funding for your next project:

Stretch Senior Development Finance

Loans up to 85% of costs (90% including rolled-up interest), from £1,000,000 to £15,000,000. Our most popular solution.

Super Stretch Development Finance

Typically a blend of 80% senior funding integrated with 10% second charge (third-party) mezzanine, allowing a higher leverage for your schemes.

Build To Let Development Finance

Funding for letting/private sector rental for professional landlords. Available for schemes with 3+ units. Lending up to 70% open market value or 75% restricted investment value.

Lending Criteria

Every BLG loan is structured to meet the requirements of your specific property developments but this general criteria typically applies.

Mezzanine Development Finance

BLG does not provide standalone mezzanine finance, we work with a focused panel of mezz providers who may offer additional top-up facilities for your property developments.

Typical residential property funding terms

Most residential property funding ranges between £1 million to £15 million or more. The release of funds can be staggered over the project’s timeline, which is a popular financing option.

A staggered release of the residential development loan keeps interest payments lower than accessing all the funds at the outset. The interest rates vary from lender to lender and are usually based on risk and the project’s size. Each lender views risk and project size differently, and we will help you find the option that makes the most sense for you.

The residential property development loan term usually has a duration of 12 to 24 months. However, it can take several weeks to complete the application process and secure the funding, so it is best to apply as early as possible. If you have a tight deadline, please let us know.

We offer residential property funding to individuals, limited companies, partnerships, LLPs, and overseas borrowers with a UK limited company.

Repaying your loans

At the end of the loan term, you will need to pay back your loan. This usually happens under one of three scenarios.

  1. You may sell the homes or flats and use the sale to pay back the loan, leaving you with your profit.
  2. Refinance the units with a buy to let mortgage if you are intending to let out the properties and build a property portfolio.
  3. A development exit finance, which is a short-term loan with a lower interest rate. This option is ideal for projects where a buyer is not in place, and you will need time to market and sell the properties, beyond the timescale of your original loan.

Secure your finance with BLG

Whether you are looking for stretch senior development finance, super‐stretch development finance, commercial development finance, or build to let development finance, BLG is ready to help you secure the residential property development loan you need. We also help arrange mezzanine development finance working with third-party mezzanine funding providers.

BLG has a patient team of experts ready to help. We offer support from pre‐sale to purchase and completion. Our goal is to help you build, so contact our team today to find the right residential development loans to suit your needs.

What Our Customers Think

“I really appreciate your hard work. We really like the way you communicate & I must say I haven't seen many people who are that approachable.”

“A very efficient processing team, dealing with the DD once deal credit approved, through to completion”

“Many thanks for your efforts on this one and getting it approved and sorted so swiftly, very much appreciated. I am sure I will be speaking to your over the coming months.”

“We had other funding options, but chose to use BLG again, as we work well with Tracey Abbott, who always provides very clear information and advice and welcomed you and your teams friendly approach throughout the funding process. Very efficient and always very helpful.”

“Many thanks Anil, it’s been a real pleasure working with BLG so far.  We’re lining up the next project too”

“We would recommend all staff we have dealt with at BLG, as we are very satisfied with Tracey and the initial offer/terms presented, then you and the funding team, through to the draw down team at valuation stage.”

“All documents are clear and the way you keep Clients informed, all the way along the funding process, is refreshing for us”

“With regard to what should be improved at BLG, we work with many lenders in our business and we do not get the help and response we have had on the two projects with all at BLG on our Funding for our developments.”

“We would particularly mention Dave Edwards and Tom Pitts as being central to having a smooth working relationship and being positive and helpful at all times. Their guidance in helping us navigate the project from inception to completion was invaluable. As was their patience, particularly at the beginning. We look forward to many future projects with the BLG team.”

“We would like to express our appreciation for your support on our development in Bristol. We were very pleased that, from the outset, you shared our vision of the project to convert a dated but classical building, that had outlived its usefulness as a school, into unique luxury apartments with views overlooking the city. We found our dealings practical and streamlined. Monthly payments were processed in an efficient and timely manner.”

“BLG are very good at communicating with Clients and all documents are very clear and all at BLG are always happy to help.”

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