At BLG we have just one focus, providing loans for property developers. Our team has more than 200 years’ combined experience in property finance – we fully understand the process of property development and the financial needs of house builders. 

How To Borrow Money For Property Development

We are often asked How To Borrow Money For Property Development? The answer is that we work closely with our customers; we support them every step of the way in order to provide them with loans to build their refurnished or new build housing. The funding process for new customers usually begins with an enquiry to our head office via 0845 465 6500 or to [email protected]. From this initial call, we will take basic details of the scheme to be funded, the location, the time line and the new customers’ contact information.

Putting you in touch with your local BLG lending expert

When funding new developments, we believe it’s important that our team has local knowledge of the area in which the scheme is being built. That’s why we employ a national team of lending experts who are based across the UK. That way, if a developer from Leeds talks to us about a multi-unit office to residential refurbishment, there will be a BLG Regional Director based close-by with knowledge of the location and the demand for that type of housing. Using this approach means we can best support regional developers and provide them with a lending decision quickly.

How to find funding for property development

Finding a loan for property development can be tricky, especially for smaller / SME housebuilders and developers. BLG has an established process developed over many years to help the application for property development financing run smoothly. If you are seeking money to develop property, we will put you in touch with your local BLG lending expert. They will discuss the lending process with you and outline the funding options available. For example we can provide a variety of development finance funding options: stretched senior development finance and mezzanine development finance.

Arrange a loan for property development

To arrange property development finance and be put in touch with your nearest BLG Regional Director, please call 0845 465 6500 during business hours or email [email protected]

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