Navigating Development Finance

​Shakespeare’s timeless advice, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend,” highlights the importance of caution in financial dealings. While complete avoidance might not be practical in the business world, it underscores the need for careful consideration, especially for property developers seeking funding. In this context, understanding how to effectively present your case to a lender becomes crucial.

The Lender’s Perspective

Lenders share a common goal with property developers—ensuring the success of a deal. A successful deal not only secures returns for the lender but also paves the way for potential future funding opportunities. It’s essential for property developers to recognise that experienced lenders bring a wealth of knowledge from funding various development scenarios, making it prudent for borrowers to respect their expertise.

Putting Yourself in the Lender’s Shoes

To present your case effectively, it’s imperative to empathise with the lender’s perspective. Imagine you are lending your own money; thorough scrutiny of the proposal would be non-negotiable. Lenders seek comprehensive evidence, including written documentation, visuals, and recommendations. Equally important is establishing trust with the borrower, a nuanced judgment that requires time and insight.

Demonstrating Your Ability

As a property developer, showcasing your ability to turn the proposal into a successful venture is paramount. Provide tangible proof, including detailed documentation, images, and endorsements. Understand the importance of personal connections in the lending process and invest time in building a relationship with the lender.

Leveraging Your Advantage

Property developers possess a unique advantage—they have an insider’s understanding of the local market, demand, and operational costs. Once you’ve ensured that all costs align, the focus shifts to highlighting your experience. Utilise visuals, as they can be powerful tools in conveying your expertise, echoing the sentiment captured by the Scottish Bard, Burns: “There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.”

BLG Development Finance

When seeking property development finance, consider partnering with BLG. Their expertise in financing diverse development scenarios aligns with your goal of presenting a compelling case to lenders. BLG development finance can guide you through the intricacies of the funding process, increasing your chances of a successful deal. Explore how BLG can be your trusted partner in realising your development ambitions.


“We have used BLG for development finance for over 8 years. During that time we have found their knowledge and expertise in the property development industry to be second to none. Their loan process, pragmatic and flexible approach to lending and flexibility when required has supported our business needs throughout the period and provided us with support to deliver new homes in Bristol and the surrounding areas.”

“As property developers you never know the curve balls that you may get and a project that is great on paper may prove a bit more tricky.  This happened to us on a project that BLG have funded and throughout they have supported us.  Our business likes to be collaborative and when we hit those tough moments it really felt like we were working as a team with BLG.  If you have a decent project you can get it funded, but what you really need is a business that is there to support and advise you as well.  For us on this project it was BLG.”

“I approached BLG Development finance with an opportunity I had in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, to build 5 new build houses in 2021. My main contact was Anil Bains who is a Director covering Asset Management. Within very quick timescales, BLG provided me with indicative quotes in regards the finance levels they could offer me. Having considered those levels, I requested a valuation to be carried out which again was dealt with swiftly. We proceeded to completion. The build went very smoothly with monthly monitoring being carried out by BLG and monthly drawdown requests dealt with in a very timely manner. Due to a difficult time generally in the market in regards selling, I was in need of a six-month extension to the loan which again was appraised very quickly and granted. Having dealt with numerous funders over the last 20 years, I can only speak highly of my personal experience with BLG and would very confidently work with them again on any future projects. “

"From our side it has also been a pleasure working with BLG and the team there. We have found you easy to deal with, proactive in resolving any minor issues that have arisen through the project and shown great flexibility in working with us as a partner. We will certainly like to work with you on future partners."

“I really appreciate your hard work. We really like the way you communicate & I must say I haven't seen many people who are that approachable.”

“A very efficient processing team, dealing with the DD once deal credit approved, through to completion”

“Many thanks for your efforts on this one and getting it approved and sorted so swiftly, very much appreciated. I am sure I will be speaking to your over the coming months.”

“We had other funding options, but chose to use BLG again, as we work well with the team, who always provide very clear information and advice with a friendly approach throughout the funding process. Very efficient and always very helpful.”

“Many thanks Anil, it’s been a real pleasure working with BLG so far.  We’re lining up the next project too”

“We would recommend all staff we have dealt with at BLG, as we are very satisfied with the team and the initial offer/terms presented, then you and the funding team, through to the draw down team at valuation stage.”

“All documents are clear and the way you keep clients informed, all the way along the funding process, is refreshing for us”

“With regard to what should be improved at BLG, we work with many lenders in our business and we do not get the help and response we have had on the two projects with all at BLG on our funding for our developments.”

“We would particularly mention Dave Edwards and Tom Pitts as being central to having a smooth working relationship and being positive and helpful at all times. Their guidance in helping us navigate the project from inception to completion was invaluable. As was their patience, particularly at the beginning. We look forward to many future projects with the BLG team.”

“We would like to express our appreciation for your support on our development in Bristol. We were very pleased that, from the outset, you shared our vision of the project to convert a dated but classical building, that had outlived its usefulness as a school, into unique luxury apartments with views overlooking the city. We found our dealings practical and streamlined. Monthly payments were processed in an efficient and timely manner.”

“BLG are very good at communicating with clients and all documents are very clear and all at BLG are always happy to help.”

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