Safeguarding our environment is a major concern for millions of people around the globe; in fact, many people are trying to do their bit for the planet, however big or small it may be.

From 2040, the UK government has said the sale of all petrol and diesel fuelled cars will be banned – with strong calls for that date to be brought forward by a decade. But the UK has already made great strides forward in becoming a more energy-efficient place to live with a crackdown on heavy pollution vehicles, charging shoppers for single-use carrier bags and phasing out incandescent light bulbs in favour of energy-saving ones.

There are now plans to reward people who return their plastic bottles in a bid to tackle the alarming amount of plastic that is clogging up our oceans.

Professional property developers and self-homebuilders are also doing their bit for the environment with more looking at incorporating new technology into their designs to lower energy consumption and costs. From installing extra thick loft insulation or triple glazing to reduce heat loss or taking advantages of a south facing roof by using solar panels, there are numerous ways of benefiting from an energy-efficient property through effective property development finance.

Given the continuing housing shortage in the UK, there will always be a large demand for modern-day properties with rising awareness of the benefits of eco-homes. When property developers truly plan for the future, building with environmentally friendly materials, making sure their buildings are energy efficient and reducing consumers’ energy costs in the long run – everyone reaps the rewards.

Although the “Zero carbon policy” was scrapped by the Government in 2017, the bigger picture is that many housebuilders have adopted the eco-home ethos with the aim of being carbon neutral.  Recently, London joined 18 international cities, committing that, by 2030, all new buildings will be rated net zero carbon.

Developing environmentally friendly housing is greatly assisted by huge advances in technology which can ultimately make a property self-sufficient. Today homes are being built that can harvest rainwater, filter and recycle waste water, clean and pump used air (extracting and recycling heat as they do so), and utilise anti-heat loss window glazing. There are also intelligent systems for smart lighting and heating, monitors and meters that provide the homeowner more control of the resources they need, when they need them, ultimately minimising wastage.

Some systems have been designed to create energy, not only to power the individual property but also to sell any excess back to the power firms.

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