Skydiving Shabena tackles two big fears to raise money for GOSH

We ask our very own Shabena Khan why she’s about to take on two big fears this summer…

What are you doing?
A 15,000 ft jump skydive.

When are you doing it?
On 17th August 2019, if the weather is good.

Why (aka what on earth possessed you) to do this?
I am always up for different challenges and this is out of my comfort zone. So, I decided to skip the indoor skydive and go straight to the real thing! As my 30th birthday is coming up I thought, hell yeah!!! Why not!!!

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?
To be honest, I hate flying and I hate heights (that doesn’t help does it?) So I think the biggest challenge will be when they open the doors and I am about to jump and just seeing how high I am in the air will freak me out!

Why are you doing this?
For GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital). Every year I give me money to charity, mostly to a third world country, so I thought ‘let’s do something different and closer to home’. Not only that but just knowing that only 5% of UK research funding is spent on projects relating to children’s health made me want to raise a little money to help.

Any other comments?
No. Ask me after I have done it!

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